Car Polishes & Correction Compounds

Car Paint Correction at its finest. Light cut, medium cut, and hard cut professional grade paint correction products. Crows feet, oxidation, swirl marks, you name it! Whether you're preserving your new cars show room finish or in the middle of a restoration project and bringing back that original paint or scratch and swirl remover there is a Simoniz Paint Correction Product for the job. What is paint correction? Paint Correction is the process of removing fine scratches from your paint by polishing down layers of the clear coat that protect the paint on the car. This process is what restores that new car shine.

Detailers Choice

$15.99 more sizes available

Correction Creme Light Cut Compound

$27.99 more sizes available

Traverse Medium Cut Compound

$27.99 more sizes available

Transcend Heavy Cut Compound

$27.99 more sizes available

Swirl Remover Fine Cut Compound

$24.99 more sizes available

Body Gloss

$17.99 more sizes available

Quick Cleaner Polish

$25.99 more sizes available

Paint Correction Kit


S-F Quick Detailer

$16.99 more sizes available

Nu Shine Polish

$21.99 more sizes available

Chrome Polish

$21.99 more sizes available

Swell Stainless Steel Polish Aerosol


Synthetic Sealer

$21.99 more sizes available

Complete Restoration Package


Swirl Remover Package


Silicone-Free Complete Restoration Package


2-Step Polish Kit