Electrostatic Sprayer


Due to limited quantities, limit 1 per customer.
Cannot be added to Electrostatic Sanitation Kit (If it is, the individual sprayer will be cancelled.)
Batter and charger included
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Electrostatic Sprayer

Sanitizing Spray Gun

Electrostatic Sprayer Details

Simoniz® Disinfection & Sanitizing Systems are fast, effective and the complete chemical and equipment solution for eliminating germs, bacteria, etc. on hard non-porous surfaces and combating the spread of infection, making all vehicle interiors and facilities safe. Our products paired with the electrostatic sprayers provide superior coverage on all surfaces and structures, 360°

• Covers a surface area more quickly and effectively than manual
• Sprayed droplets wrap around all objects, coating 360° of all
surfaces - top, bottom, sides and hard to reach areas
• Saves time, labor and money
• Takes advantage of the negative charge on surfaces by putting
a positive electrical charge on the droplets
• Effective on metal, vinyl and plastic
• Portable and cordless
• Battery powered - 4 hour run

“Simoniz® EPA registered disinfectants and sanitizers are qualified for use against SAR-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19.”

Simoniz Electrostatic Sprayer


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