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How to Maintain Leather Seats

Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

There are some issues that an interior detail cannot fix in your car. One of those is deteriorated, cracked and torn leather seats. However, it is rather easy to maintain leather seats and all other leather surfaces in your vehicle. 

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6 Steps for a Basic Car Wash

Car Washing 101

Step 1: Pre-Treat

Pre-Treating is the best way to expedite your car wash! Removing tough, stuck on, road grime and contaminants before we get to the actual wash is essential for saving time and completing your detail!

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Car Cleaning with Messy Kids

When it comes to kids, no surface in your car is safe...

Windows, Seats, Floor Mats, are all susceptible to fingerprints, sticky candy, food, juice, markers, or not getting home in time for the bathroom. So many messes are caused by our kids so making sure we clean them up sooner and effectively can prevent long term or irreversible damage to the interior of your car.

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New Year - Clean Car

Fresh Car Interior for the New Year

As the weather gets/got cooler it seems to be a trend that car care decreases during this time especially near the holidays. Think about it! It is an incredibly busy time end of November through the New year. Your car's interior deserves a little love right about now!

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Disinfecting Effectively in your Car, Home or Office!

As the world was introduced to the latest emerging pathogen known as SARS-CoV-2 or better known as it’s contracted form, COVID-19, the detailing industry is at the forefront of mitigation.  As personal vehicles, rental cars and fleet vehicles are breeding grounds for such pathogens, we at Simoniz feel that the need for best practices in disinfection and sanitizing has never been greater.   To begin, We always recommend that you consult the CDC website for the most up to date information regarding emerging pathogens such as SARS-CoV 2.  

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