Cleaning Dog Hair Out of Your Car!

Posted on by The Simoniz Garage

Pet Hair Removal

DOGS! Men and Women’s best friend!

We all love to take them everywhere with us. Hiking, dog park, beach, or just a trip around the block. But with that comes the timely task of cleaning our cars of all there paw prints, doggy nose marks on windows, and the hardest part of it all, getting rid of all that dog hair in our carpets and seats.

Dog Hair

As we all know, just a vacuum doesn't do the job. Lucky for you we have the perfect tool to make this task that much easier. The Simoniz Pet Hair Brush! This dual sided, heavy-duty, rubber brush has become one of our favorites here at The Simoniz Garage. Its long rubber fingers pull pet hair right to the surface. Then flip it over and let the blade gently scrape the fabric and surfaces to remove the rest. Then vacuum up the residual hair from the mats or seats.

Other Messes

For slobbery windows, Vision Clear Aerosol will leave a streak free shine. Your dog just might bop his nose into it thinking the window is down!

To remove dirt from wet paws, Carpet Spot Remover Wipes work wonders! They are easy to use wipes that can remove just about any mess from the interior of your car and home. If the dirt is stubborn or has been there long enough to settle into the fibers, RTU Interior Cleaner will do the trick! What's awesome about RTU Interior Cleaner is, it is formulated to dry quickly to eliminate mildew or growth.

Happy Detailing!

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