The Lab

Once the idea for a new product is sparked, we visit our lab. Some companies simply buy existing formulas from large chemical companies and stick their labels on the bottles. Not us. No way. At The Simoniz Garage we actually work hand-in-hand with our full-time staff chemists to create our own formulas. It's all done in-house in our state-of-the-art lab.

While our first love is and always will be the automobile, Simoniz touches commercial vehicle washing and janitorial / institutional cleaning as well. Our floor finishes, disinfectants, waxes, and all-purpose cleaners are widely used in hospitals, nursing homes, food service establishments, manufacturing plants, school systems and the hospitality industry as well.

This gives The Simoniz Garage access to many chemicals and technologies that other detailing product companies simply don’t have.

Sometimes new products even happen by accident...

For example, our lab developed special cleaning wipes for the healthcare industry that remove many types of stubborn stains from fabric. One of our detail technicians found them to be excellent at removing ink from headliners. That’s the type of synergy that allows The Simoniz Garage to stay cutting edge.

This lab is where that special chemistry between car and owner is first created and the garage is where it blossoms and flourishes.