Car Interior: Salt and Sand Remover

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Interior Car Cleaning Tips

Spring is Here!

Bye, bye Winter! Well... kind of.... Your all weather car mats are still covered with salt and sand from the winter and we know just water does not give us the nice clean look as if they were brand new again. So what’s the best way to really leave winter in the past, a good deep clean and scrub on our mats?

Things we need!

What will we need to do this? Here is a list of products to get the job done!

All Purpose Cleaner Degreaser

Iron Handle Brush

Duel Purpose Tooth Brush

In and Out Dressing

Terry Towel

Your garden hose or a pressure washer (be careful with cloth mats - a pressure washer may be too strong for the fibers)


The Steps!

Steps 1 : Using hose rinse of larger dirt and debris

Step 2 : Apply all purpose cleaner degreaser to all mats, allow to dwell (sit for a set of time. We recommend 5-10 minutes to allow product to pull the debris off the surface)

Step 3 : Using Iron Handle Brush, scrub all mats (for deeper groves, use duel sided tooth brush)

Step 4: Re-rinse off mats with hose

Step 5 : Apply In and Out Dressing to bring back original look and shine, allow to dry before reinstalling.

Step 6 : Using a terry towel wipe down highs and lows for an even finish.


Now that they are cleaned ENJOY A FRESH START TO SPRING!​

Happy Detailing!

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