Detailing 101: Commonly Missed Areas

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Commonly Missed Areas When Detailing

Whether you are detailing your own car or working on a customer vehicle here are a few places you may want to keep in mind as they are commonly missed areas. With so many intricate areas in a Vehicle it is easily to overlook some certain parts of cars. In this segment we are only going to name a few commonly missed areas.

The Gas Door

Although the gas door is typically not a place a customer will check when they do a walk around it is a place the look inside weekly.  Ensuring that you did not over look the gas cap will remind your customer days later what a great and "detailed" detailer you really are! After the car is washed grab a bottle of ceramic sealant or Detailers Choice with a microfiber towel. Spray directly into the gas chamber and with you microfiber towels wipes down all plastic and painted surfaces. Be sure to wipe the jams as well.

Upper and Lower Parts of Seats

A customer may never really check this certain area the seem between the lower and upper part of the seat is a very commonly missed area.  This is important for the longevity of the seat.   There is much friction that goes takes place on the seat and if you forget to clean the seat completely the dirt and grim may cause the leather seat or even the upholstery seat to rip or crack. The best way to clean this areas is by grabbing Simoniz interior Spray, and spray directly on the dirty surface, then simply wipe it up with a terry towel. For heavily soiled areas use a brush or sponge to agitate.  

Vanity Mirror

Imagine your picking up your significant other out on a date in your fresh clean car and they go to check themselves out in the vanity mirror and it is full of smudges and dirt spots. Vanity mirror are one of the most over looked areas on a car and could be the final piece to fully detailing you car.  This is a simple solution. Spray your Simoniz glass cleaner directly onto the vanity, and with you microfiber towel buff the cleaner until you receive your streak free finish.

Gas and Break Pedals

The last commonly missed area i would like to talk about is the gas and break pedals. This is the most important of them all. The Gas and brake pedals are among the fist thing a customer or a friend sees when they open up the door to your ride.  Once someone sees that the gas pedals are overlooked they may wonder what else you missed.  The best and easiest way to clean the gas pedals is grabbing a bottle of a bottle of Simoniz All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser and a feather brush. Spray the cleaner directly on the peddles and with your detail brush in circular motions insuring you cover all groves of the pedals.  Then grab your towel and completely dry the peddle, make sure you never spray anytime of protectant or dressing on the pedals. It may look nice for pictures it is extremely unsafe to leave there.

We understand that there are many more commonly missed areas in a vehicle that can be overlooked while you spend hours cleaning your ride, please feel free and comment some other areas that are commonly missed below to help others who are trying to achieve their detailing goals.

Happy Detailing!

The Simoniz Garage