Black Beauty Water Based Tire Shine and Dressing

Mfg# B320000Q
Item# B320000Q

Black Beauty Water Based Tire Shine and Dressing is the highest gloss, long lasting shine available. Period.



Water Based Tire Dressing


Simoniz® Black Beauty is the best that The Simoniz Garage has to offer in the water-based tire and exterior trim care department.

This highly viscous water-based surface dressing goes on evenly and stays in place to shine your tires and restore your faded bumpers, wheel openings, body side moldings, and any other unpainted rubber, plastic, or vinyl trim.

Water-based surface dressings don't last quite as long as solvent-based dressing but they are easier to work with and feature a more natural look. They can be used on wet or dry exterior and interior surfaces and work great on engine compartment surfaces. They can easily be cleaned off of your garage floor or driveway if spilled and will not stain.

How to Use:

    • Thoroughly clean your tires and trim with Simoniz® Wash N' Shine car soap or Simoniz® Crush Plus cleaner degreaser.
    • Squeeze onto a Simoniz® tire dressing pad or applicator. Surface can be wet or dry.
    • Wipe dressing onto surface to desired gloss in thin, even applications.
    • Allow surface to dry to the touch before driving the vehicle to prevent sling.
    For tires with aggressive or knobby treads wipe off excess product accumulation with a clean towel to prevent sling.
Simoniz Black Beauty Water Based Tire Shine and Dressing


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