Getting a Streak-Free Shine, Every Time

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Over the years we’ve seen it all when it comes to the search for perfect, streak-free windows – everything from generic glass cleaners and newspapers to hose water and a squeegee. Here at Simoniz we’ve developed a simple, three part system to help you get that streak-free shine, every time.

Step 1: Prep

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – microfiber is your best friend when it comes to detailing your car, whether it’s the interior or exterior. Having a few clean microfiber towels on hand is going to help you get the most out of whatever product you’re using while working to protect the finishes of your vehicle. They will ensure a scratch free finish and allow sufficient absorption or water or product.

In addition to having the right towel, it is equally important to properly maintain your microfiber for repeated use. The proper cleaning method includes machine washing on ultra-delicate, low heat with only 1 teaspoon of vinegar. Since the towel will have absorbed the products you used on your car, there is no need to use detergent. After washing, air dry or use a no heat spin cycle in the dryer to ensure the microfibers are not damaged.

Step 2: Pick Your Product

When removing streaks from your vehicles windows and mirrors, the ideal product can make a world of difference. We recommend our top selling Simoniz VisonClear Classs Cleaner Aerosol for this particular job. Our glass cleaner dispenses a soft foam when sprayed onto the window with no dripping. This allows you to immediately roll your window down and up after cleaning without streaks and prevents damage to your interior caused by drips. 

Step 3: It’s All About Technique 

Properly fold the towel - this will allow you have multiple sections of clean towel to work with, making sure you’re not spreading dirt around and allowing you to finish the job with one towel. First, spray your product directly onto the window or mirror you’d like to clean. Now it’s time for the “Box and Fill Method” that our technicians use in the Simoniz Garage to ensure an even clean and a streak-free shine. After the product is sprayed on the window, rub the microfiber towel around the outer gram of the window. Then fill in the middle. Once that’s done, flip the towel over and buff to clarity using vertical motion.  After you have thoroughly cleaned the window, flip the towel over to the dry side and buff to clarity. 

Step 3: Step Back and Check Out That Shine!

After following these simple steps, you should have beautiful, streak-free windows and mirrors throughout your vehicle. Not only do clean windows LOOK better, but they make driving in all conditions much safer for you and your passengers – so step back and enjoy your hard work while you’re cruisin’!

Do you have any of your own maintenance tips? Share in the comments below!

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