Leather Care: How to Maintain Leather Seats

Posted on by The Simoniz Garage

Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

There are some issues that an interior detail cannot fix in your car. One of those is deteriorated, cracked and torn leather seats. However, it is rather easy to maintain leather seats and all other leather surfaces in your vehicle. 

Why does leather crack and tear?

Leather cracks and tears because REAL leather is Real skin. Therefore, it needs to remain moisturized to stay pliable. There are a couple factors that can make this happen much faster than it should. One is using the wrong chemicals to clean them. Make sure that your cleaner is specifically made and tailored to Leather. Also, if your car sits in direct sunlight your seats can be dehydrated at an accelerated rate and uneven also. As we know, the sun gets obstructed by other parts of the car so individual spots can get more exposure than others causing cracking in those specific spots much quicker than others.

How do we prevent leather cracking and tearing?

Maintaining your leather is actually very simple. Routine application of leather conditioner will keep maintain your leather seats and surfaces with very little time invested. It's not a set time frame due to different factors of sunlight and travel, but we recommend treatments every 3-4 months. Here at the Simoniz Garage we use Leather Cleaner and Conditioner applied  with a Terry Cloth Applicator Pad or Terry Cloth Towel.

How do you use Leather Cleaner and Conditioner?

The process is very simple.

First, Start by gently vacuum your leather surfaces to remove all dirt and debris. You do not want to be overly aggressive while vacuuming otherwise you may tear your dried out leather.

Second, Shake Leather Cleaner and Conditioner well before using.

Third, apply a small amount of Leather Cleaner and Conditioner to a terry cloth applicator or towel and work it into your leather surfaces in circular motions. Then buff excess product with a clean terrycloth towel.


Happy Detailing!

The Simoniz Team