10 Easy Steps to Clean your Wheels or Rims

Posted on by The Simoniz Garage

Cleaning, Maintaining, and Protecting your Wheels!

Just like the shoes on your feet, the most important part of an outfit is the shoes you wear, or in the case of car, the wheels or rims!

Many of us go through a quick car wash or wash the car in our driveways, which allows the car to look clean, but the wheels can sometimes get overlooked.  Every day driving will cause wheels and rims to build up with dirt and grime, which will affect  the appearance of the vehicle. Here is how to Clean, Protect, and Maintain your Wheels Rims!

What you will need!

Large Wire Wheel Spoke Brush

Wheel Wizard Brush

Broom Handle

Dual Purpose Tooth Brush Style Detail Brush

Microfiber Towels

Simoniz Five Gallon Detail Bucket

Total Wheel RTU

Ceramic Sealant RTU

Step 1: Prep

Fill your five gallon Simoniz detail bucket with approximately three gallons of water and allow you Large wire spoke brush and Wheel wizard brush to soak/soften for 5 minutes.

Step 2: Hose

Hose your rims down one wheel at a time. For optimal results, use a pressure washer or a hose with a jet attachment.

Step 3: Apply

Using total wheel, apply full coverage of the product on the entire rim. For heavily soiled rim allow 30 seconds of duel time. (Duel Time is the time for the product to sit on the wheel before applying a brush or towel too it. This allows the product to break down dirt and grime.)

Step 4: Agitate Spokes

Grab your Large Wire Wheel Spoke Brush and clean each individual spoke one at a time. This brush is also great for cleaning the hard to reach areas behind the face of the rim.

Step 5: Agitate Tough Areas

Using your Dual Propose Tooth brush style detail brush, clean the areas that your where not able to reach with the spoke brush such a lug nuts, and other hard to reach areas.

Step 6: Agitate the Face of the Wheel

Using your wheel wizard brush, clean the entire face of the rim. The long bristle of this brush also allows you to clean in between spokes as well.

Step 7: Rinse

Thoroughly rinse the entire rim to make sure all product and grime is washed off of the surfaces.

Step 8: Dry

With a microfiber towel, completely dry the entire wheel, insuring that there will be no water spots left on the rims.

Step 9: Protect

Using your ultra high gloss and hydrophobic coating, Ceramic Sealant, spray a light coating of the product on the rim. Buff the product with a clean microfiber for high shine and higher protection. 

Step 10: Repeat

Repeat steps two through nine on all remaining wheels.

Happy Detailing!

The Simoniz Garage Team