The Garage Experience

Where else can you drop off your neglected vehicle in the morning, have Simoniz-certified detail technicians restore its appearance with the finest professional products out there, and pick it up later that afternoon?

Did you say The Simoniz Garage in West Hartford, CT? Right you are!


Our Guarantee

We deliver the finest Simoniz-quality results – and a Simoniz-quality experience!

Did we mention we’ll give you a free loaner car for the day if you get a full-service detail and don’t want to wait? (No, our loaners aren’t 10-year-old jalopies. You won't have to be embarrassed when you pull into work with one!)

Did we also mention our retro lounge? If you do want to wait for your car, then prepare to take a step back in time as you enter our waiting area and lounge. You’ll see vintage Simoniz ads and memorabilia that will take you on a trip through our 100+ year history. (Of course, we added a few modern amenities like air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and a fully stocked coffee station.)

The Customer Service Experience

At The Simoniz Garage, we will not only restore the appearance of your vehicle with the finest professional Simoniz products, but we will make sure that you leave happy and informed with tips on keeping up the appearance of your vehicle in between visits.

The Professional Experience

All services at The Simoniz Garage are performed by certified Simoniz Master Detail Technicians who are known for their meticulous vehicle inspection, paint restoration, interior cleaning and friendly and knowledgeable customer service. Your vehicle is in good hands!

Meet the team!

The State-of-the-Art Experience

Although the Simoniz brand is as old as they come, The Simoniz Garage is a state-of-the-art facility. The vintage brick and mortar walls and retro Simoniz ads and products give the place that old-school look and feel, but rest assured our Simoniz Master Detail Technicians use only the best and newest products, tools, and technology to completely restore the appearance of your vehicle!

The Simoniz Garage truly is an experience unlike any other in the detailing world!

The Garage history